Independent Ethics Review Board Application 

Applications will be accepted until 5:00pm on Friday, June 1, 2018.

Those serving on the board will review sworn complaints of Code of Ethical Conduct violations by elected or appointed officials.

Guidelines for service on the Ethics Review Board includes the following items: 
Applicants must be residents of the city.
--Elected officials, those serving on another city board/commission and city employees are not eligible.
--Anyone convicted of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude will not be considered.
--Campaign managers, treasurers, officers or other decision-maker of any candidate elected in past three years may not serve while that candidate is in office.
--Campaign managers, treasurers, officers or other decision-maker of any political action committee during past three years may not serve.

The Ethics Review Board will consist of nine members appointed by City Council.  Initial appointments will range from one to three-year terms of service. Beginning in 2019, all new members will serve three-year terms.

City Council is scheduled to make initial appointments to the board in September, with oaths of offices set for the second City Council meeting in October.

Sugar Land City Council adopted a new Code of Ethical Conduct for city officials last year.  The code includes the creation of the independent review board.

The document was approved after a citizen committee spent months researching best practices and obtaining public input.  Sugar Land's previous ethics code was approved in December 2005, and changes in state law prompted City Council to establish a seven-member task force to conduct a 10-year review.

The Ethics Code includes specific guidelines and regulations governing conflicts of interest, business interactions with the City, City Council's role in the procurement procedures, disclosure of gifts, private interests, misuse and disclosure of confidential information and restrictions on political activity and political contributions.

A process for filing a complaint is detailed in the new code, and the duties and procedures of the independent review board of appointed citizens are included.

The Ethics Code is available online at   

The code is designed to supplement the requirements in state law to ensure Sugar Land's elected and appointed officials are held to the highest ethical standard.  The new code provides for a maximum penalty of $2,000 for ethics violations.  Other sanctions include measures such as censure, written reprimands, removal of appointed officials and recommendations for the recall of elected officials.

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Independent Ethics Review Board Application
The City of Sugar Land strives to ensure that all City Boards/Commissions/Committees are representative of the Citys geographical and demographical makeup. To assist in this endeavor, please answer the following questions:
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(1) Understand and acknowledge that during my service on the Independent Ethics Review Board, I may become privy to private or confidential infoermation and agree to hold all such information in the strictest confidence and will not disclose or discuss such private or confidential information  with any third party,

(2) Certify that I am furnishing this information for use in determining my qualifications as a volunteer;

(3) Understand that the Texas Public Information Act may require the City to disclose any information I provide;

(4) Certify that any information given by me is true, correct and complete;

(5) Understand and agree that any false information, misrepresentation, or concealment of facts is sufficient grounds to disqualify me from volunteering and, as a volunteer, for my immediate discharge without recourse from the City of Sugar Land's Volunteer Program-Serve Sugar Land; and

(6) May be subject to a "for cause" substance abuse screening at any point in time while I am a volunteer for the City.

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