*Applications due by 5pm on March 27, 2019

 Boards and Commissions

Application and Information Statement

As an applicant for a City Board or Commission your name, address and telephone number will be available under the provisions of the Public Information Act. All other information will remain confidential. Applications will remain active for consideration of positions for a period of one year. All members of boards and commissions serve one-year terms. 

Applications will be accepted up to 5:00pm, March, 27, 2019. City Council will review all applications. From the applicant pool, City Council will select nominees for further consideration. 

Please take time to review the description of the PARCS Board in order to review the responsibilities and time commitment . You may access detailed information on each board by visiting the City of Sugar Land's webpage linked here.


The City of Sugar Land Policy 3000-09 establishes certain qualifications that must be met by all members of City Boards and Commissions. In addition to any specific qualifications for service on a particular board, a board member must:

-Be a resident of the City of Sugar Land prior to the date of appointment. Confirm you are a resident of Sugar Land by visiting www.sugarlandtx.gov/myneighborhood 

-Be a qualified City of Sugar Land voter at the time of appointment.

-Have a creditable record of attendance and participating performance.

-Maintain an open mind to all issues under consideration.

-Have the ability to listen, learn and discuss issues.

-Have the ability to make decisions based on information gathered and discussed and for the betterment of the City as seen through the Vision Statement and Comprehensive Plan.

-Have the ability to see and understand the City's long -term objectives and short-term benefits.

-Conflicts of interest and special interests, which may not represent the betterment of the City, must remain separate from decisions made. 

For the PARCS Board specifically, candidates should possess skills and qualifications useful to parks, art, recreation, culture, and streetscapes in the city; represent various community sectors; and have professional expertise or one or more of the following backgrounds:
-Parks, Arts or Recreation User/Advocate;
-Landscape Architect, Architect, Interior Designer, or Urban Planner;
-Fine Arts Professional or Educator;
-Arts or Architecture Historian, Administrator, or Curator;
-Business or Education Leader/Philanthropist


Please complete the application below to apply for a PARCS Board position.

New User Details
PARCS Board Application
The below questions are asked because the City Council desires to manage the appointment process to ensure the appointment of qualified individuals representing a cross-section of gender, diversity, and geographical representation of the community at large.
Emergency Contact Information
(Please leave blank if not applicable)
Employment / Student-Please complete one of the following;
Do you or your spouse, either individually or through your employers, have any financial interest directly or indirectly, in any contract or subcontract with the city or in the sale to the city of, materials, supplies or services? Please mark not applicable if this does not apply to you.
Skills and Experience

What civic or community endeavors have you been involved in? Please list name of organization, position held, date of service and whether your service was provided on a compensated or voluntary basis.  

Have you been a past member of a City of Sugar Land Board, Commission or Task Force? Please list area(s) of service and approximate dates or note this does not apply.  

References- Please provide two.
Have you participated in any of the following City of Sugar Land Academies or Trainings?
Volunteer Agreement

By submitting my application I:

(1) Certify that I am furnishing this information for use in determining my qualifications as a volunteer;

(2) Understand that the Texas Public Information Act may require the City to disclose any information I provide;

(3) Certify that any information given by me is true, correct and complete;

(4) Understand and agree that any false information, misrepresentation, or concealment of facts is sufficient grounds to disqualify me from volunteering and, as a volunteer, for my immediate discharge without recourse from the City of Sugar Land's Volunteer Program-Serve Sugar Land; and

(5) May be subject to a "for cause" substance abuse screening at any point in time while I am a volunteer for the City.

Please click the submit button below once you have completed the application. You will be automatically redirected to our Verified Volunteers to complete your background check, which is required for you to be considered for all City board, commission, task force, and volunteer positions (if over 18). The background check is at no cost to you. If you are asked for a "Good Deed" code, please enter in the following: 9loeywq

If you have any issues with completing your background check, or, if this page does not automatically direct you to Verified Volunteers, please email or call the Volunteer Office at: volunteer@sugarlandtx.gov or 281-275-2329.

Thank you.