If you are an existing volunteer ONLY, please login to your volunteer account to apply. If you do not login to apply, you will recieve an error message after you click submit. 

Please read and sign the Parent and Student agreement form linked to the bottom of the application before hitting submit on the application form below.

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) aims to empower youth from various backgrounds to become active members in their community by providing an overview of the complexity and variety of opportunities to have an everlasting effect on the future of their city through local government public service

To be eligible to apply for MYAC, students must be Sugar Land residents, a High School Junior for the 2018-2019 school year, and return the application by the deadline of October 1st, 2018 at 5:00. Incomplete applications, and applications turned in after 5:00PM on October 1st, will not be considered.  

A complete application consists of: 

  • The submission of the online form below 
  • The submisstion of the Parent/Student Agreement form, linked above
  • One letter of reference from a teacher, administrator, troop leader, religious leader, supervisor, etc.  
  • Please note that the letter of reference and the agreement form must be turned in together.  Reference letters and/or agreement forms turned in separately will not be accepted. 
  • Please note that instructions on how to return the agreement form and letter of reference can be found on page 6 of the agreement form.

Students will need to be prepared to complete the application form below in one sitting, you may not reaccess your application form it has been submitted.

You will need to provide the following-

-List of your activites and the organizations you belong to

-a brief statement about yourself

-a description of your leisure time activites

-an explanation of why you want to participate

-a brief essay answering the question "What should Sugar Land look like in 20 years? What amenities and quality of life features would you like to see increased? What aspects of Sugar Land would you hope are changed?" in 500 words or less

If you have any questions you may always contact us via phone or email.

Office of Community Engagement



New User Details
Mayor's Youth Advisory Council
Student Participation Agreement
Meeting Information
Members are expected to commit to attending the monthly MYAC meetings and participate in many of the additional service opportunities provided. Please note the meeting dates and times listed on the agenda.

Each MYAC member is required to confirm with the Staff Liasion that they will be attending each meeting. Notice of each meeting will be emailed to the student at least one week prior to the meeting, making it essential that students are checking and responding to all MYAC emails.

Importance of Attendance

Attendance at monthly MYAC meetings is critical to the success of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council and to ensure that each meeting has a reflective representation of the teen community in Sugar Land. Because enrollment is limited, attendance becomes even more important. Due to the importance of attendance Members are asked to sign a commitment form acknowledging the following :

-Failure to attend and participate in meetings and events with notice in advance may result in immediate dismissal from MYAC

-School activities are acceptable absence excuses. Members are required to call Staff Liaison to inform of activity. Failure to notify in advance will result in an unexcused absence.

-Family emergencies are acceptable absence excuses but verification by a parent may be requrested.

Please note, upon request, only students with no more than one absence will be eligible to receive a letter of recommendation from the Mayor.

Qualifications for Membership
Eligibility Requirements

-Sugar Land Resident *-High School Junior 2018-2019 school year
Additional Application Requirements:-Online Submittal of Application prior to 10/1/18 at 5pm-Submittal of Student Participation Commitment/Parental Approval form prior to 10/1/18 5pm.-Submittal of Letter of Reference from High School Teacher or Official prior to 10/1/18 at 5pm. All documents must be received via email at volunteers@sugarlandtx.gov no later than 10/1/18 at 5pm. Applications submitted later than 5PM on 10/1/18, (a complete application must consist of the application form parent approval form, and letter of recommendation. Parent approval form and recommendation letter must be submitted at the same time).
*Residents of communites within Sugar Land's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) with whom Sugar Land has entered into a strategic Partnership Agreement will also be considered eligible for membership. This includes only New Territory, portions of Riverstone and Greatwood.
Application Instructions

1. Students themselves must complete application Complete the entire MYAC application. Remember you cannot exit application and reopen. You must complete in one sitting. Incomplete or ineligible applications will not be considered. This includes receipt of all supplemental material by 10/1/18 at 5pm.

2. Submit the Student Participation/Parent Approval Form and your Teacher/Official recommendation letter via email to volunteers@sugarlandtx.gov by 10/1/18 at 5pm.

3. After the applications have been processed, select students will participate in small group interview sessions at which time students' interest in local government and ability to fully participate in the program will be evaluated. It is anticipated that students selected for interviews will be notified electronically, no later than October 19, with interviews being held October 29th.

Volunteer Contact Information
Emergency Contact Information
(Please leave blank if not applicable)
Skills and Experience
Please list any school, volunteer, religious, social, athletic or other activities in which you have participated in the last two years. Include any leadership roles in those organizations.
General Information
Please answer the following essay question in 500 words or less. You may cut and paste into this field.

"What should Sugar Land look like in 20 years? What amenities and quality of life features would you like to see increased? What aspects of Sugar Land would you hope are changed?"

Volunteer Agreement
If yes, then please explain

As a candidate for a volunteer position with the City of Sugar Land, I am willing to furnish and make available information for use in determining my qualifications and I am aware that any information I provide may be subject to an open records request. I certify that the information given by me in this application is true and complete. I understand and agree that any false information, misrepresentation, or concealment of facts is sufficient grounds for my immediate discharge without recourse from the City of Sugar Land's Volunteer Program, Serve Sugar Land.

I understand that for security purposes a basic background check will be conducted to determine my eligibility and that further background information may be requested if a specific volunteer assignment calls for a more in depth security check. Further, I understand and agree that all information furnished in this application may be verified by the City of Sugar Land. I also understand that my participation is subject to a satisfactory check of references and that I may also be subject to a "for cause" substance abuse screening at any point in time during my participation.

I hereby authorize all individuals and organizations named or referred to in this application and any law enforcement organization to give the City of Sugar Land all information relative to my employment, work habits and character and hereby release such individuals, organizations, and the City of Sugar Land from any liability for any claim or damage which may result. I further understand that this information will be used solely for the purpose of determining my eligibility.

STOP before you submit.

Have you printed the Student Participation Commitment/Parental Approval Form to be submitted along with your application?