Weekday Volunteer Opportunity
Cat Socializing
We have cats at PetsMart Adoption Center during the week that could use your TLC!
Sign up for a shift to help clean cat cages, play and groom the cats!
While we have set up scheduled days and times we are flexible!
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-10am
Tuesday, Thursday from 6-7pm
If you have completed either General Animal Services Orientation or the PetsMart Onsite Adoption Training  and would like to volunteer and would like a different time during the day, please sign up for the spot and then contact us with the time you would like to change it to! And we will make the switch. MUST BE 18yrs or OLDER!
Below are the duties involved.
Please Read All Directions First
1) When arriving at the PetsMart Adoption Center, contact a PetsMart associate to unlock the adoption center for you.
2) Clean and straighten up: some supplies will be in the room while other supplies you may need are in the room located behind the fish.  There is a door located between the adoption center and the first set of aquariums.  
3) Cleaning supplies needed:
+ Food                                        + Litter
+ Litter scoop                             + Water container with water
+ Broom                                     + Dustpan
+ Clorox wipes                           + Roll of paper towels
4) Steps to cleaning:
      Secure the room by making sure the adoption center door closed.
      Pick an end of the cages to start on.  Remember cats are scent markers and like to have the same items in their cage, so do not replace items unless they are dirty.  Items should be put back in the same cage they came from.
      Take the cat out of the cage and place on the floor.
      Remove all items from the cage – shredded or old newspaper  put in the trash can.
      Use whisk broom to sweep out all debris from cage into dustpan.
      Wipe cage with Clorox wipe and dry with paper towels.
      Put in clean puppy training pads on top of a layer of newspaper.
      Make sure shelf is clean and return to cage. If dirty, wipe with Clorox wipe.
      Scoop out “used” litter from litter pan and any feces – add new litter if needed.  They only need a small amount of litter, about 1/6 of the box. If the sides of the litter pan are dirty, either wipe clean or replace the pan.
      Put litter pan free of “debris” back in cage.
      Put bed back in cage – if bed is dirty or soiled replace with clean bed. Put dirty bed in white hamper.
      Empty water bowl in trash and fill with fresh water.  If there is no fresh water in the watering can, refill can.  To do so, exit adoption center and make a left heading to the back of the store. At the last aisle make a right and then an immediate left (the hallway where the restrooms are).  Enter the employee break area and use the sink in the far left corner to fill the container.
      Top off food dish.  If the food is “bad” dump in trash and replace with new.
      Replace cat in cage and make sure cage is secure.
      Make sure each cat has a toy or two in their cage.
      Repeat until all cats have been cleaned and played with.
      Put the room back in order; sweep floor, pull trash and replace trash bag and return supplies to their proper place. Trash can be taken to the very back of the store and left by the large overhead door.
5) Either spend some time with each cat, playing with and brushing them, after you’ve cleaned their individual cage, or play and brush each individual cat once all cages are clean.
6) When ready to leave PetsMart Adoption Center, contact a PetsMart associate to lock the Adoption Center door for you. Be sure that you have signed in and out on the volunteer log.
To volunteer -
If you are an existing Serve Sugar Land volunteer, please log into your account and click on "sign up for jobs" tab. You can then filter by day to bring up that date or search by job group "Animal Services." and you can search open opportunities, and click on the date/time/job you would like.
If you are a new volunteer, Please click on the "BE A VOLUNTEER" button. Please complete the volunteer application. Once we process your application you will be sent an email confirming acceptance and providing direction to sign up for jobs. Please note on application which opportunity you are interested in. Remember you must take the Animal Services General Orientation first before volunteering at the Animal Shelter. You sign up under "sign up for trainings" it is offered the first Saturday of every month from 2-3:30 and typically fills up 1-2 months in advance. Cancellations do occur and will show up on schedule so check back.
Any questions please send us a message.