Need to cancel your volunteer shift?
If you are unable to make it once signing up we ask that you cancel online asap so someone else can take the shift.
To cancel, log into your profile, open your personal calendar, click on the opportunity you need to cancel and click cancel.
Please be aware some jobs may not be cancelled online within 24-48 hours of the start time, you will need to email us in that event.
1. Log onto your volunteer profile
2. Click on your personal calendar
3. Click on the date of the shift you need to cancel
4. Click on the shift and select cancel.
If it is within 24-48 hours and it will not allow you to cancel please call or email both the volunteer office and the location you are volunteering at to notify them. Please remember many offices are open only during regular business hours
Volunteer Office-  281-275-2329
Animal Services- 281-275-2364
Senior Center-  281-275-2893
You may also find department listings on the City's website
We appreciate your help.